Ensuring road safety is the main challenge facing every motorist. Therefore, the first place for the car owner becomes a choice in favor of a reliable car, concern for its good technical condition, compliance with traffic rules. One of the important, and sometimes the key point and guarantee of a comfortable and safe ride, reducing the cost of servicing and refueling a car.

How to choose wheels for a car to increase comfort and safety, as well as unlock the potential of a car? This question is asked by every driver.


The car wheel consists of two main elements. This is the rim and tire, the competent selection of which will significantly improve the operational characteristics of the machine.


With the replacement of rims, as a rule, motorists are less likely to encounter than with the replacement of rubber, which is usually carried out twice a year (seasonally). However, the need to replace drives, nevertheless, sometimes arises.

The disk is the basis, support, and therefore the criterion of its choice becomes maximum reliability: strength, resistance to deformation, wear, corrosion.

The most inexpensive option is stamped or standard welded metal discs. In most cases, this option is standard in the car. They are distinguished by a rather high weight, which in itself does not seem to be an advantage, because it increases fuel consumption, creating additional loads, easily deforms under high loads and quickly corrodes with frequent contact with moisture. And therefore, for an aggressive driving style and operating a car in off-road conditions - not the best option.


Another thing is the choice of tires. The tire tread provides contact of the wheel with the road surface, which can be in a different technical condition, with different terrain, wet, slippery, rocky, warm, frozen, etc.

Tires mounted on a car should satisfy the conditions and specifics of car operation as much as possible.

Tires are selected taking into account the dimensions of the rims mounted on the car. If there are doubts about how to choose wheels for a car, picking up wheels and tires separately, then buying a complete set of wheels can be a sure and safe solution. In this case, you can be sure that the bus clearly matches the parameters of the disk. In addition, such wheels have already been balanced and are suitable for use. For further info, click here: federal ss595 review

A car tire is classified according to seasonality:

·        summer tires, the composition and features of the structure and tread pattern of which are aimed at the best traction properties of the tire with the road in the warm season, as well as the effective removal of moisture from the contact spot;

·        winter tires - the most adapted to the conditions of cold, snow, ice;

·        all-weather tires - considered a universal option, but controversial and losing the effectiveness of summer and winter tires (although manufacturers are constantly fighting to improve its quality and properties).

The choice of wheels for the car is made taking into account that the tire as a result does not touch the protection of the wheel arches, leaving sufficient clearance. Therefore, when installing discs that are large in size from the standard ones, as a rule, low-profile tires are selected for them, and high-profile ones for smaller ones.